Short-Term Visits of Scientists

Within the framework of its Networking Activities the EFNUDAT consortium offers support for short-term visits of scientists to one of the participating EFNUDAT institutes. The consortium launches a permanent Call for Proposals, running in parallel with the Call for Trans-national Access.

The proposals for short-term visits must be submitted by the inviting EFNUDAT institute. Proposals are peer-reviewed by the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC).

Proposals in the areas of radioactive waste management and innovative GenIV nuclear reactor systems will be considered with priority. The subject of the collaboration during the short-term visit must be related to the objectives of EFNUDAT project, but can not directly contribute to one of its deliverables.

Within the project, a total of 840 man-days can be supported with a maximum duration of eight weeks for one visit.

Following approval of the proposal by the PAC, the visiting scientist is eligible for support of travel, accommodation and subsistence costs during his or her stay.

Scientists whose expertise can be valuable for the EFNUDAT objectives are invited to contact a colleague in the EFNUDAT institute with whom they would like to start a collaboration.